Bit Lounge is a start up that places itself like a bridge between businesses and digital technologie, rapresenting much more than an opportunity for economic subjects, both in terms of commercial prospects and aspects related to production.

“The company is born in 2013 from a group of professionals already active in the piceno territory in the development of web solutions, who feel the need to bring to life a new business and communication model, much more reactive to the challengesthat innovation involves, from marketing to the adoptions of new job skills. “

In this direction, the activities that Bit Lounge brings foward are:

  • Support for SME and craft businesses in the development of business projects that require strong innovation components in development of the product, of marketing and online marketing;
  • Monitoring and management of information flows from the internet and social networks, thanks to technologies that exploit big datas, with particular attention to the uses and benefits that the tourism sector can drive from the possession of information about the interests or perceptions of the users of certain services or products. Consider, for example, the potential for quantitative analysis of the performance of online promotion campaigns, at the possibility to outline the demographic profile of travelers, make sentiment analysis of the same compared to the offert, having datas with the experiences using the products, on marketing competition and on behavior trends;
  • Analysis and management of personal & brand web reputation aimed at professionals, to entrepreneurs, to poloticians and to whoever need a deep analysis and communication of online self identity in a scenery in which the image or brand is increasingly influenced by internet or social medias;
  • Training and consultancy on innovation issues.

In addition, for the development of online business opportunities for SME tourism companies and Italian crafts, Bit Lounge has developed specific projects like, a tool for promotion and marketing for artisan production through the internet which has as its strength the recognition and translation of Made in Italy and the communication of know-how of Italian artisans to the consumer, a portal for booking accomodation facilities throughout the national territory, an e-commerce platform for selling tipical products, a system for advertising promotion through proximity announcements, related to the user’s actual interests.

Bit Lounge is also an Web Agency, a company with a deep knowledge of everything related to the web: from design, programming and promotion of web sites to the desing and production of complex web applications.

With the creation and development of websites, e-commerce or costum platforms and an integrated strategy of web marketing, a web agency has all the internal resources necessary to solve a business problem to its costumers whether the goal is greater visibility, an improvement of the company image or an increase in sales conversions.